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Community Mapping Application — CCTS Community Engagement & BI Core Collaborative Project

Carol Ferrans, Denise Hynes, Buki Ogunseitan, and Karen Peters

The Community Mapping Application project, expected to be live by March 2012, is an interactive, searchable map of the 77 Chicago community areas that displays real-time information about UIC research projects active in each community. This application provides infrastructure support for the development of community partnerships. The interactive map will provide significant benefits to researchers, community leaders and others that seek to link to existing projects and networks, identify new opportunities to engage in research collaborations, identify research, researchers and communities already engaged in topics of interest, or inform the local public of health improvement efforts. This project is a collaborative effort between the CCTS BI Core at UIC and the CCTS Community Engagement Research Core (CERC). See the CCTS website for more information.

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